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precious time, artmark-galerie, Vienna, 2016

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Time, Space, Existence, Palazzo Bembo, Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2018

Rote Wand, Künstlerhaus Wien, 2018

L´angle  du hasard II, Architekturkantine, Wien , 2018

KOPF HEAD GLAVA, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, 2017

L´angle  du hasard - Kunstfest, Teil 1, Wien , 2017

kopflastig – Galerie am Kopfbahnhof, Pörtschach am Wörthersee, 2017

freeze the frame – Vol. 2&3, Vienna, 2017

Divine connection – sarto art agency, Waidhofen, 2016

TRANSITIONS – the gentle transference of images, Lattemann Gallery, Darmstadt, 2016

ACSA 15, Autocenter contemporary art, Berlin, 2015

TRANSITIONS – the gentle transference of images, artmark galerie, Vienna, 2015

Für die Fülle, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, 2013

WA – aus der welt der stille, Shiwory Gallery, Kurashiki/Okoyama, Japan, 2013

MA – lob dem zwischenraum, artmark galerie, Vienna, 2012

Exposition annuelle, Spéos – International Photographic Institute, Paris, 2007

Raum und Körperlichkeit [Bewegung], Forum Kloster Gleisdorf, 2003

Raum und Körperlichkeit [Arbeit], Forum Kloster Gleisdorf, 2003

Dual Exhibition, Academy for Applied Photography, Graz, 2002

faktor, Fotogalerie im Grazer Rathaus, Graz, 2010

Annual Exhibition, Academy for Applied Photography, Graz, 2001

Hüllen, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, 2000





Salon Reloaded!? – academic research on classical salon culture – with an emphasis on the historical role of the saloniére and the salon as an theoretically equal and class-less private space – and its significance for modern salon platforms

Art Affairs – perceptual experiments for appropriating public exhibition spaces via sleep actions (self-focused performances, photo documentation)

Self-portrait series (self-based performances, photographs)

Research on exploration / locating of the self



schlaf, architektur, schlaf. Tragstruktur und Umhüllungen – academic-artistic investigation of sleep and architecture.

Beginning of a work phase in which exhibition objects are wrapped in textiles and which the viewer must then unwrap for viewing (photographs, objects)

affaire avec un ville – self-portraits by a French window (photographs)

pas vers toi – self-portraits, shoe and leg portraits (photographs)

Gedankengebirge - mountains of minds – paysage des pensées – presentation of exhibition objects as a topography of personal thoughts in darkened spaces (photographs, objects, instructions)

Honeymoon mit Hans Holzhand (photographs)

Romantik Real (texts on canvas, instructions)

Hand portraits (photographs, drawings)



Collaboration with the Japanese artist group RE (Responsive Environment) in the context of an art auction at Forum Stadtpark, Graz

Studies on sleep (performances, photographs, sound recordings, text works, perception experiments)

Research on “night” (photographs, objects, text works)



Studies on physicality (object, animated film, tabloid)

Paintings on idyllic postcards and art postcards from 1910 to 1950

Self-portrait series (photographs)