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fall into place, 2017

installation view, L´angle du hasard/Winkel des Zufalls,

Vienna, 2017




Throughout my occupation with the topic of sleep and perception in horizontal position I performed on a motorway shortly before its opening.


After virtual rechargement 2017 the originally called work „Schlaf am Weg“ from 2003 was renamed „fall into place“.


As an installation the works widens and extents the image into real space/real time thus creating a path from past into present, from an image into reality.


The title itself: „fall into place“ as an idiomatic rhetoric figure meaning „to fit, to make sense“ plays with the ambivalence concerning its verbatim and phraseologic meaning.


The manifestly incompatible action of sleeping on a motorway stands in sharp contrast to the phraseological meaning of „fall into place“ in the meaning of „making sense“ and rather evokes the verbatim image of something fallen down without coherence.


Yet the fact that only some minutes after having cleared up the performance-scenery two cars in an illegal competition raced across the same place seemed to suggest clearly a senseful coincidence.