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From the series "passio", 2013

fine art print on hand-made paper, size variable

In my auto-portraits I stage my mental state, yet I am performing as an actress, executing an unwritten script releasing emotions. I feel the waves of passion, but am not overwhelmed by them.  It´s maybe an autofictuous way of experiencing.
I like the view of Robert Solomon, a philosopher who concerned himself with the underlying mechanism of emotions and passion and their meaningful force:
"Through our emotions we constitute and mythologize our world (…) But our emotions are more than this.(…) we, however, live our surreality. (...) Our emotions are not only projections; they are our projects. They are not only directed toward intentional objects; they are laden with intentions to act. (...) Every emotion (…) is also a personal ideology, a projection into the future, and a system of hopes and desires, expectations and commitments, intentions and strategies for changing our world.